SWAP seeria

IP20/54. Disain parimas võtmes.


Swap is a family of recess-mounted LED spotlights with 4 different sizes (S, M, L and XL). Any recess-mounted diameter from 62 to 126 mm can thus be covered. 
ASSYMETRIC LIGHTING – On the outside they look like any other Swap, but the asymmetric models (available in sizes M and L) cover the function of wall washers thanks to the oblique projection of its light beam (tilted at 20º).
SQUARE SWAP – For interior designs that prefer straight lines, Swap is available in square version, either symmetric or asymmetric (tilted at 20º).

In the Swap design, its extremely fine and narrow bezel disappears from sight when the light is turned on, in an elegant ‘trimless effect’. That is why Swap is a piece that stands out for its minimalism and perfect integration into the ceiling. This, together with the anti-glare matt finish and perfect light wash of its shade, make Swap the perfect luminaire for projects that aesthetically seek clean lights, neutrality and an elegant and unperceived presence.