MODUS LED süsteem

IP20. Metsik valik spetsiaalse disainiga allvalgusteid.


The simple and minimalist style of this product holds original and innovative qualities, both from an aesthetics and functional point of view. Modus is easy to install, in both fixed and adjustable versions. It’s flexible thanks to the large offer of accessories and to the multi-power drivers that allows to have more than 4000 different versions to configure.
For both round and square versions you can choose amongst three possible sizes, two optics and 2 colour temperatures. The reflector is available in 5 different finishing – white, black, gold, silver matt and chrome – both for frame and trimless version: a versatile and well-integrated product for all styles and colours of interior design and surrounding architecture.
Modus is the right solution for projects under continuous evolution. Thanks to the high standard of colour rendering index and the certified UGR <19 and UGR <16, it’s the perfect answer to those who look for an optimal comfort and wellness living feeling.

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