PASSUM seeria

IP67. Originaalne, kvaliteetne, multifuntsionaalne seeria, sh roostevabast.


PASSUM is a new range of recessed lighting fittings planned to contain new generation power leds. The right match for contemporary architecture when up light and ground surface light is required. Hi-tech materials and innovative construction concepts, proudly Italian, allow to offer a product with complete modularity, low surface temperature, perfect waterproof security, walk over and driver over function and resistance to any harsh weather conditions. The peculiar technology to adjust the optics of the light body grants to orient the light wherever the Designer will need, for the right illumination of the surfaces.

PASSUM SIDEWARDS  – kaetud, külgvalgustusega seeria

PASSUM SPOT – suunatava külgvalgustusega

PASSUM UP – lihtsad üles-valgustid