IK10. Originaalne praktiline arhitektuurne lahendus.

With D-WAVE we have realised the first flexible two-axis lighting system. We have given the impossible a chance. D-WAVE is the new frontier in linear outdoor signage. Thanks to the extreme flexibility of the fully recyclable composite material, its profile can be adapted to any perimeter, even the most complex and sinuous. The full-length internal pass-through compartments make it possible to insert, for example, wiring and keep it protected. Various flexible linear sources such as our Rubber 2D, Rubber 3D, PU_C Plus and Silicone_C can be inserted from the front. Rubber 3D sources allow maximum utilisation of the double curvature.

D-Wave is a system with the highest flexibility and adaptability available on the market. Its section, studied in every detail, allows both zenithal and lateral bending, enabling D-Wave to overcome any obstacle or embrace any path. The extruded section, studied in every detail, thanks to its extreme ductility lends itself to an infinite range of customisations. The lighting of contemporary architecture, even the most complex and articulated, will always find its correct solution

D-WAVE is a profile designed in every detail to meet all the designer’s needs. The material is 100% recyclable and the base is designed to accommodate the planned fixing systems: bracket and stake. Two anchoring modes that facilitate installation by adapting to the perimeter to be followed. Engraved on the base is the Recycle 3 logo, allowing the type of material to be recognised for proper recycling.
It is possible to fix D-WAVE to any floor, thanks to the quick-release steel bracket for firm and continuous anchorage along the entire length of the luminaire. Or it can be fixed to the ground by means of a steel spike, which can also be positioned at variable pitch, ensuring a continuous and secure anchorage around the entire perimeter.

The material with which we have made D-WAVE is easily customisable, whatever colour you need for your projects will be possible. Thanks to the special construction material, the paint clings easily to the entire surface. With D-WAVE you can let your creativity run wild.