IP20. Süvispaigaldusega ja seadistatav.

Recessed mounted adjustable LED spotlight
Light distribution type: direct
Optical system: faceted aluminium reflector, clear, PMMA diffuser
Housing: aluminium
Colour: white (RAL 9016)
In ceilings with cut-out openings (mounting brackets included). Push-in terminal, 2x1x1.5mm2

Available options:
T830 Colour temperature 3000K, CRI 80+
T840 Colour temperature 4000K, CRI 80+
T930 Colour temperature 3000K, CRI 90+
T940 Colour temperature 4000K, CRI 90+
T825 BREAD Special spectrum for bread 2500K, CRI 80+
T820 MEAT Special spectrum for meat 2000K “pink”, CRI 80+
T831 MEAT&WHITE Special spectrum for meat products with increased white colour contrast 3100K “pink”, CRI 80+
T930 VEGETABLES Special spectrum for colourful products. Fruits, fashion 3000K, CRI 90+
T932 FASHION Special spectrum for fashion 3200K, CRI 90+
T931 FASHION&WHITE Special spectrum for fashion with dominant white colour 3100K, CRI 90+
R24 Reflector with 24 light beam angle
R40 Reflector with 40 light beam angle (standard)
R60 Reflector with 60 light beam angle
DALI Driver with DALI interface
WIE3-0.5m 3-pole “Wieland – gesis classic” type or compatible connector with 0.5m cable
WIE5D-0.5m 5-pole DALI “Wieland – gesis classic” type or compatible connector with 0.5m cable
Europlug-1.5m 2-pole “Europlug” type plug with 2×1.0mm² 1.5m cable
Europlug-3.0m 2-pole “Europlug” type plug with 2×1.0mm² 3.0m cable