Series 32 LED

IP67. Professionaalsed lahendused tööpinkidele.

The Series 32 combines the advantages of proven Rohrlux quality with those of state-of-the-art LED technology.

The highlight of the 32 series is the enormous light output with compact dimensions. The light is optimally distributed with the aid of a diffuse cover. The typical LED glare is avoided as far as possible, which drastically increases safety at the workplace.
The Series 32 is also characterized by low heat generation and absolutely flicker-free, uniform light. In the CAB versions, the luminaires are absolutely insensitive to shocks and vibrations.

The protective tubes are optionally available in borosilicate glass or in largely emulsion-resistant CAB plastic.

Since the diameter of the luminaires corresponds to that of the Series 31, for example, existing luminaires can be replaced quickly and at low cost. The robust construction allows even the roughest application in almost any area.
The LED drivers are integrated, the connection is made via the quick-connect module. The luminaires are basically through-wired and can be used as single luminairesas well as through-luminaires.

Special designs and customized versions are available on request.

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