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PREMIUM quality aluminum profiles and accessories which are designed and produced with our special attention focused on the QUALITY. The quality is the KEY word in conversation with your customers and we understand that very well. LEDsON company produce hundreds of different, dedicated aluminum accessories such as lenses, end caps, connectors, CNC made arms or mounting brackets and so on to help you finish the project. The dedicated accessories make the installation easier, faster and make the final result looks brilliant at the end. As we all know how hard is to find reelable producer/supplier of the LED stripes we came across this needs. LEDsON designed and produce high performance rigid LED STRIPES based on OSRAM engine which has been tested and thermally optimized (dedicated) for our profiles. We recommend to use them with our profiles where the high performance LEDs will meet the right heat dissipation capabilities heat sink to provide optimal working condition for the LEDs. Our products has been segregate by the way of the installation method so you can quickly find the product what you are looking for.

All the products and material used for our products are came from EU suppliers, production itself is also based in Europe.
The raw material used for the lenses, diffusers are UV-stabilized and purchased from the certified suppliers.