IP66. Efektiivne, parktiline tööstusvalgusti nõudlikule kliendile.


INDUSTRY IP66 LED is a hermetic beam from the NEXT GEN line, which is a new generation of lamps dedicated to LED technology. The body, made from scratch, made of aluminum profile and subjected to anodization process, provides the luminaire with strength and solidity, and the narrow side profile allows installation in hard to reach places. LEDs from a reputable manufacturer and new LED modules have an impact on very high luminous efficacy: up to 161 lm/W. This guarantees that the required lighting level is achieved and that significant energy savings are achieved. The lampshade is made of UV resistant tempered glass. The combination of materials (aluminum and toughened glass) and a non-dismantled construction with an external connector provides the luminaire with high resistance to harsh environmental conditions. Suitable for surface and suspended mounting.

The multi-purpose LED luminaire has been designed for use in areas requiring high dust and water resistance. It is especially recommended for use in rooms intended for medical and laboratory purposes as well as in industrial premises.

INDUSTRY IP66 LED ENDURA 54W – 8900lm 4000K 1150/63/55mm
INDUSTRY IP66 LED ENDURA 62W – 10500lm 4000K 1450/63/55mm